a little about us...

Max and I met at church when we were fifteen. After dating for almost 3 years we got engaged the summer after high school; & married that next spring. We lived in an apartment not far from Minneapolis for almost a year as we began to shift our photo & filming hobby into a business (while also pursuing our secret passion of vlogging on youtube lol). In March 2018 we packed up all 426 sq. ft. of our studio apartment to move just 4 hours west & purchase our first home. We now live in a small town outside on Sioux Falls, SD in our own little blue cottage. Where we both enjoy lots of snuggles, grilling, editing, laughing & learning. Also, we blast worship music here & love Jesus. Let me know if you’re ever down to join!!!


kaylin {photo}

I'm 20. Creating is my absolute favorite. Hand me a paint brush & I could tootle around with paints for hours. Handwritten cards come with my friendship, but I have written them to complete strangers as well. My spiritual gift is encouragement, & I enjoy encouraging everyone around me. I live my life for Jesus, & he is my rock. I am an extrovert, & love being around people, I could talk for hours, maybe days. I could listen to my grandmas stories all day long. I am a really slow writer, but I love doing it. I try to always have balance & patience, but each time I find it, I usually lose it. I have been a homebody all of my life, always wanting sleepovers at my house, or staying at home. If I’m not home, you’ll probably find me at TjMaxx. 



max {film}

I'm 20. My favorite things are matcha & macaroni. My heart beats music. Hand me an instrument & I could be content for hours. I play guitar, piano, ukelele, & drums. For me, filming is more than just the video, it's the story & the music along with it. Everything that goes into making films is my passion. I love Kaylin & Jesus. I enjoy writing music for Kaylin, changing the words to songs to wrap her appearance, or finding songs that she's never heard before, that become our new jam. Jesus is my number one. If you know me, then you know I'm more of an introvert than an extrovert. I feel happiest when in a quiet place by myself (which is total opposite of Kaylin). But we share similarities as well; like our passion together in traveling, photography, & making films or vlogging.